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 MG 8663 n  MG 8673

  1. The specific Word that came from the Lord is Nehemiah 2: 18: “Let’s rise up and Build.”

The Lord is saying to us as a body and to the community around us: “Stand up. Don't focus on what your situation is right now - stand up and Build. Build His Kingdom, forget about yours. His Way for Masaiti/Koti ni Eden community is beautiful. The Lord Jesus Christ has changed your name from a 'place of isolation' to a place that will be like Eden. Don't believe the lies that hold us back, i.e. not to stand up. Stand on your feet first, then you will see what the Lord wants to build. The Lord has put people around you that have faith to build. Let's Build!”

  1. The Nature of the Wall is the community taking ownership of God's dream for the people and the land.

The nature of the wall is to take ownership by saying: “the beautiful plan that the Lord has for us is mine and we will value it. It belongs to me and to my family and to my people. It is there to express His Glory and character to the nations.”

People will see the God of the nations from here.  All over in Africa we have forgotten about His mercy and goodness to bring the Seed of Christ to us. We will not forget it any more: 
We will RISE UP and be thankful and we will devote ourselves only for His purpose in these last days, where evil will increase. Here a Highway of Holiness will be build. We will love God and fear God more than money, culture and self.

  1. The kick-off for the 52 days will be on 23 May 2015 with the “Jubilee Celebration Day”.  

For the past fourteen years we have celebrated!!! We have blown the Trumpet for "the day of the Lord" to be a Jubilee among us. Yes to restore people in a true freedom - a freedom to restore faithfulness in our land through the restoration of families that will break the curse of sin and the fruit of poverty. Last year 2014, jubilee was celebrated in all the 89 districts of Zambia nationally. It has open up God's destiny for this nation as we testify of the favor of the Lord over this nation.... to be a blessing to other nations.

  1. We will Express generosity as in Nehemiah 5:17-18 by mobilizing a project of giving among ourselves. 

We would like to save up the little that we have and give it with a joyful heart to fulfill what the Lord said we need to do in the community. If we will be faithful, the Lord will release His prosperity to the Land. It will not produce greed like in many other places, but a Godly wealth that will be upheld through generations. It is not for us, but for our children and for the "pushing forward" of Christ’s Kingdom on earth.




1) Intersession: Take ownership of God’s promises (Ezekiel 36 and 37)

The Word we received from God over the past 18 years in Masaiti will never go void. It will accomplish its purposes:

 "Thus says the Lord God. ’On the day that I cleanse you from all your iniquities, I will also enable you to dwell in the cities and the ruins shall be rebuilt. The desolate land shall be tilled instead of lying desolate in the sight of all who passes it by. So they will say this land that was desolate has become like the Garden of Eden /Koti ni Eden’ ... Then the nations... ” Ezekiel 36: 33-37.

"O dry bones hear the Word of the Lord....   I will put breath in you.... they lived and stood upon their feet an exceedingly great army." Ezekiel 37:4,-5, 10


  • Focus on a 2 hour daily prayer and visitation in villages. 

(50 groups of 5 people each)   

  • Get a prayer partner from the community.(Each one)

 Pray for the restoration of worship and devotion to God in villages.

 Deal with opposition (Nehemiah 4:10)

We need to pray through the above word in the 50 villages in our community. Let's move out in small groups to these villages. Life can only really come back when devotion is established and Christ is worshipped as their Lord. Pray for the establishment of devotion where God's Word will be honored daily. It can be a demonstration of a family devotion.


Strategy for each village - “Build opposite your own house” - Fathers, women, children, farming, and devotion.  

After the prayer it will be good to have a "listening meeting" with the people. What are their dreams? Are there any seed of Christ growing already? Are their people that need prayer? Which areas of the wall in their community need to be rebuilt? It is also an opportunity to really share the Word of Nehemiah in story form or Drama.  REMEMBER our theme: “Rise up and Build”.


2) Sharing God's Word with Authority and ownership

Organise 7 mobilising/sharing meetings with the 7 community leaders.  

This will be a meeting where we proclaim the Word of God to people; cast God's vision for the people living in this area; share the story of the Seed planted in Lamba land; pray for people that is in need and encourage them to stand up and work together; focus on firm foundations, family, child development, education, agriculture, church; What do we have in our hands?

These meetings will be organised by:

1) Pastor Brian (Ibenga- 7 June), 2) Pastor Katanda (Mulilantambo- 31 May), 3) Pascal (Kampundu- 14 June),4) Robert (Mubanga -21 June), 5) Peter and Elijah (Tukumana 28 June), 6) Faxem (Chafwa- 5 July), 7) Leonard (Kuboko/Saidi-12 July).  The meetings will happen on Sunday afternoons between 16:00 - 18:00

  • Firm foundation training every week at Activity centers  (Carel)

Out of this 52 days focus we will meet people who have a true heart and desire to be established in the Word. We would like to have a one-month full time Firm Foundations training with people. We suggest starting this just after the 52 day focus (25 July to 25 August 2015 at the CTC). Lasting fruit in our community can only be established in true discipleship. Let's pray for the right people for this training. After this training some of them might be accommodated in our Discipleship training in January 2016.

  • Develop a program to restore family life in our area and uproot immorality 

This is one of the most painful stronghold positions of the devil over the future of this area. Thousands of demons are invited to our area through unfaithfulness, immorality, sexual abuse of adults and children, drunkenness of Fathers and bitterness and unforgiveness in family relationships. As a community we will no longer tolerate this and come up with a strategy that will unplug this evil root in our community by good teachings of the Word, repentance, family devotions and straight confrontations on things that are in darkness. Whatever is in the Light the devil cannot use any longer.

3) To have a mind to work)!!! 

     Establish foundations of production in the area.


We believe that we have entered a season where we need to work together as a community on the production of food. The way forward to establish economic growth in our area is to get every village involved in the production of farm products. FCE's role is to establish markets by adding value to the products we produce. We also have a role to play in giving training and monitoring standards.  As for now, maize production is only to be seen as a crop to create food security, but business initiatives need to be developed around fruit tree and fruit production. To do that effectively we need to secure our water from the four streams running to the Kafulafuta river by building dams and weirs in the streams. We also need to do a hydrological survey of the underground water of the area.

We will start with what we have in our hands: We have a nursery and knowledge on the production of fruit trees and we have more than 5000 big mango trees in our community.

  • Build a dam in Kampundu and any other water projects 


To establish this we will need to do the following:

1) Discuss the impact study that we have done already on Fibungo stream in the past.

2) Do an assessment on the resources we will need to achieve this.

3) Get permission from water affairs and all people that stay down stream.

4) Identify the site and soil types near the dam area.

5) Do training with all the people involved.


To draw up a plan according to the Koti ni Eden dam in Fibungo stream.

Tractor and dam scoop.

100 people with buckets that is willing to work in unity.

TLB for digging the base

2 000 Liter of Diesel

  • Business development through the management of mango and orange trees (workers)


  1. 1.Re-craft 200 Adult mango trees
  2. 2.Production and collecting of mango rootstocks
  3. 3.Establish 3 model orchards. (1 lima- 150 trees)


For the first 2 years we will mainly involve our 20 Koti ni Eden farm workers to ensure good standards of production and management. All of it works on a contract basis and on the principal that they had to be faithful the previous year.

For the production of mango rootstocks, Koti ni Eden nursery will buy the mango seedlings from the workers after 6 month production.

To start off this venture we would also like to establish 3 lima Model Orchards for training near Activity centers.

1) Mixed fruits: Mr. Paul - Ifibungo Activity centre

2) Citrus: Shimi - Banga Activity centre

3) Mangos: Shimona Activity Centre

  • Build a community Guest house in Tukumana 
  • Build a chicken run in Chafwa


These 2 projects are initiatives from the community to raise funds for the education of the children of their village. Most parents struggle to come up with school fees for their children going to Secondary school. This is an encouraging initiative to make a difference in their villages.

  • Declare restoration of life stock in the area  by giving away 4 calves from the Farm side

Most cattle in this area were wiped out 25 years ago by East coast fever. Our hope is that through this symbolic act we will ask God's favor to be on the development of livestock in these communities. These 4 calves will be hand over to 2 community farmers that are already faithful with the management of their cattle. Any person that wants to make a donation on calves is welcome.

The Establishment of model crop farming of Maize, Soya along the road from Saidi to Kampundu (Jubilee farmers)  Training and compost making


We are coming a long way since 1998 to fight the battle against hunger in this area. We believe we have won the battle in most of the villages, but need now to take people from a position of food Security to 2-5 Hectare crop farming entities. This can only work if:

  • There is a commitment and ownership to work hard in each village. Nobody should be idle.
  • Everyone needs to be willing to follow the Basics of Foundations for farming principles namely: “On time, On standard, No wastage and with Joy.”
  • We develop and use farming technology like, hand planters, oxen, small engines and 'good' herbicides.
  • The making of Compost and the use of manure is also a fundamental focus.

This year we would like to focus on the Saidi- Shilashi road as demonstration to the people of this area.

4.) Serving the wider area: 

  • Cleaning of the clinic  
  • Maintenance at the Ibenga hospital  

Jordan and Rachael will work out a program for maintenance and cleaning over a period of 2 Saturdays: 27 June and 4 July 2015. Please join their team!! 

We kicked off the 52 Days of Rebuilding the walls on Saturday with the Jubilee Celebration and it was a Celebration indeed! (We have made a photo collage as an attachment to give you a peak on the festivities and the laughter and fun because of what the Lord has done!This will be sent in separate e-mails as our internet does not allow attachments bigger than 2MB to go through!)


On Sunday afternoon at 16:00 (or as you say “FOLOKOLOKO” in Lamba) the first prayer group went out to visit the first village. We have identified the villages where our Community Training Centre School (CTC SCHOOL) pupils come from, as well as all the villages where our workers come from. We are trusting the Lord that there will be a change of heart from working “FOR” FCE to working “WITH” FCE as fellow builders of the wall. For more than 100 years this area has heard the Word of God, of which FCE has been here for 18 years, going out to the villages daily, but still people’s hearts are hardened. Jeremiah 8:20  “ The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” We are crying out to the Lord for the salvation and freedom of these fellow brothers and sisters we love so dearly! 




We are so encourage as we witness how people’s eyes are opened for the TRUTH and their hearts are touched by the Holy Spirit:


FORGIVENESS’ life is a testimony of God’s offspring in this area. She started her school training at the FCE CTC school. After grade 12 she enrolled for the Discipleship Mission Training (DMT) at FCE and was then selected to do the FCE Teacher’s Training. She is now a first year student. Faithfully through the years she has been praying for the salvation of her mother, whom she so dearly loves, but who is lost. On the first Monday of the 52 days, after a visit to one of the villages, she mentioned to one of our staff members that as we challenge the people on their salvation she is continuously reminded that her mother is not saved. 
Yesterday afternoon a bubbling, smiling, teary eyed Forgiveness came to share with us that during the visit of the FCE Malawi women’s group to one of our Activity Centres (which her mother and grandmother attended), her mother committed her live to Jesus Christ PLUS she publicly asked forgiveness and reconciled with her grandmother, after years of estrangement! During this meeting many women just started repenting of their sins!


Uncle Damson is an old, familiar face on the Training Centre. Today he came to visit again and looked disorientated, so Reinette, one of his “FCE daughters”, took him to our Training Centre Clinic for a check-up. He was waiting outside for our nurse, Rachael. Gloria, one of our staff members who work in the village, then came to help with translation and as she started to talk to him he just started repenting of his sins and they could pray with him! We experience that there is such an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to work in people’s lives! We are merely witnesses of what the Lord is busy doing! 


The Lord is rebuilding the wall! Thank you for rising up and building with us in prayer! At present there is an unusual amount of people down with malaria (especially for this time of the year!) We do know that we are in a big battle so please cover us in your prayers! We struggled for days just to get this e-mail out to you!

The battle is real  “BUT OUR GOD WILL FIGHT FOR US!” We continue to experience unusual illnesses among our people, but we refuse to be  defeated so “we all return to the wall, each to his own work.”RISE UP AND BUILD – ESTABLISHING FOUNDATIONS OF PRODUCTION IN THE AREA:

* Last week the organisation, SEEDS OF HOPE, took hands with us, and came to do training in Sanitation and Hygiene at the Activity Centres  – people were motivated to seriously look at the health situation in their villages and IF EVERY HOUSE IN THE VILLAGE CAN BUILD A TOILET WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH, SEEDS OF HOPE will drill a borehole for that village! The people were convicted and realised that there is a serious health problem that needs urgent attention and they have everything in their hands to fix the problem and in this way rebuild the wall of health in their villages!

* Tukumana and Chafwa village have each initiated a building project. At present we are helping them to make bricks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. They want to use the funds raised by these projects to pay for school fees etc. for their children. We are not running the projects but BUILDING ALONGSIDE them for support. After the first 10 hours’ work we have made 785 bricks in Chafwa for the Chicken Pen and we still need to make another 215. We will then move to Tukumana where we will help them to make another 1500 bricks for their Guesthouse. Then we will start building! This is what the Lord has inspired us to do at this time and  we can all testify that it is such a delight to move out  at 15:45 in the afternoons and come back tired, but refreshed in our spirits! We are prophetically rebuilding the walls in these villages as we make bricks and build!

Every Sunday we have a sharing meeting at a different place. During this time we have a drama about the restoration of family life in our area and the uprooting of immorality. Last week, Thursday, we also presented this drama to the children at our Community School and there was a presence of the Lord that touched the children deeply. When the children went back to their classes there were some deep discussion and prayers that came in response to the drama. We just see how the Lord is using this to speak to people’s hearts. 
On Sunday the group went out again and this time to Ibenga to share the Word and to present the drama. Ibenga is a stronghold in this area. There are many bars and ungodly practices and immorality going on. It has caused a lot of heartache and break up of families. When the group arrived in Ibenga on Sunday, they found the town in chaos as there was a terrible accident when a small truck, with 32 people on board overturned and killed 2 people and injured others. The spiritual leaders in town then cancelled our meeting. Our teams went out to pray at different areas in town and also could pray for the mother of one of the deceased. We realise once again that the battle is on! This was a very important meeting and the enemy knew it. 

A story of restoration and reconciliation where the broken walls is being rebuilt in LIVING village:

Mama Esther is a mother to many of us. She calls Jannie Compion her first born! Her nephew, Henry, was the headman of Living village. He was a successful farmer who was trained and discipled by FCE and really had a desire to lead his people to Christ.(His story is in the FCE DVD – “King’s Highway FCE 15 Year Celebration” ). In 2005 Henry sadly passed away after a deadly snake bite.
Because of superstition some of Henry’s brothers and cousins (who were not saved) believed that he died because of witchcraft and Mama Esther (who also served the Lord) was accused of cursing him and she was chased away from the village. She moved away from the Masaiti District and we saw very little of Mama Esther the past 10 years. Last week, Thursday, she surprised us with a visit to the Training Centre and shared the good news that she is moving back to Living village after 10 years! This is part of the Lord’s rebuilding of the wall – bringing restitution and reuniting families during this time!

There are also very special testimonies among our staff and students of how the Lord is busy rebuilding broken walls in our families. The Lord only wanted us to RISE UP AN GO so that we can be witnesses of what the He is doing through His spirit during this time. 

We are still experiencing some problems with the internet. This is why we haven’t sent out the Jubilee photo collage. We hope that there will be an opportunity to send you some pictures!

With all our hearts we want to thank you for your amazing support and encouragement during this past week. We are surrounded by a wider body who is fighting the battle with us, whilst building alongside us. We know that we are not building alone! The feedback from our clinic this week was that at present there is NO ONE WITH MALARIA and ALL THE DIARRHEA has stopped - only a few people with colds and flu! Praise the LORD!

In Thursday morning’s Fellowship at Koti ni Eden the Lord encouraged us again through his word. We can so easily be discouraged when we go out to the villages and see the work of the enemy in people’s lives and then battle with thoughts that things will never change. BUT how can we have these thoughts if we are all saved because of God’s great LOVE for us and BY HIS GRACE and not because of good works (Ephesians 2: 1- 10)? We had to search our own hearts and repent of these negative thoughts that things are not changing in this community. We need the Lord’s grace and mercy over ALL of us! “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” (Matthew 5:7) “ …The Lord does not look at the things man look at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart” ( Samuel  16:7) The Lord is rebuilding the broken walls even though we cannot see it - Let us share with you how MERCIFUL our Lord is:


As we have mentioned before we go out to a different village every day. Sometimes the people hide when they see that there are MUZUNGUS  (white people) among the group as they do not want to speak English. Some hide in their houses or go to their gardens. But in spite of this the Lord has been touching those who were in hiding. There is one testimony of this women who was listening to everything that was said though she was “hiding” and the Lord touched her! Then there is another testimony of a lady who has a reputation in the area to be a drunkard. After the group shared with her the way to Salvation, the Lord convicted her of her sins and she repented of ALL her sins and received Christ. She testifies how in 1999 Carel Els used to visit their family 3 days a week. She and her husband had serious marriage problems at one stage. Carel was fasting for the family at the time and when they offered him food on one of his visits he refused. They asked him why and he had to admit that he was fasting for their relationship to be restored. She now testifies how the Lord did restore their relationship in spite of their relationship with Him and now that she has accepted Christ in her life the Lord has reminded her of the time Carel was fasting for them and she only understands what happened then now. Two weeks later she also got up in the Women’s meetings at one of our Activity Centres and publicly testified that she has accepted Christ in her life and that she has been set free from alcoholism and hasn’t taken a drop of alcohol ever since. She then challenged the rest of the ladies in the group and asked them if they have repented and accepted Christ as their personal Saviour? This is so encouraging! When we heard this testimony we realised that we should not go on what we SEE – the Lord is busy restoring the walls in people’s lives! There are many testimonies that are coming out after the visitations to the villages. We realise that there is going to be a lot of follow up work after the 52 days so there will be FIRM FOUNDATIONS TRAINING from 25 July to 25 August 2015 to help those who has committed their lives to Christ to build alongside them in their personal relationship with Jesus. “ and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday. The Lord will guide you always: he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose water never fail. Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” (Isaiah 58:10-12)


Let us RISE UP AND SPEND OURSELVES on behalf of those in darkness and who are oppressed wherever we are whether it is our families or the people working with us or the community we live in. 

With the first 52 DAYS feedback, we could not send the attachment with a photo collage of the Jubilee day through to you. Our media department in Wolseley however has made a short video on the Jubilee Day that explains where the day originates from. (As you will remember, we kicked off the 52 Days with the Jubilee day).  TESTIMONY (PDF File)
The team are wonderful and easy going. We had a blessed time with Makesure and Martha. On Thursday we visit with Makesure Kanyaga School (1700 kids) where he is busy with FFF. Children and teachers are involved. We had opportunity to have Biblestudy with teachers. On Friday we went with Makesure to visit his friend Mishek, which he disciple. We were so blessed with his tetimony  of Gods provision during this drought. On the way we met a lady at a water well. At first she was hostile but we ended with praying for her and she cried as the spirit touched her. We reach home late at night- tired and stiff after we had walked almost 20 km to visit everyone. The evening we had a celebration till late worshipping together. Carel Nel IMG-20150614-WA001 IMG-20150614-WA000Young people accepting the Lord as their Saviour 
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