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The race is connected to our Jubilee initiative, taking hands with the local people, teaching and training them to see transformation and development in the area.
This will be an “all in one” race, with a NEW route every year. The terrain will be fast single track to rugged jeep track, technical climbs to bridge crossings, open gravel to streams, rocky parts to enough sand. 
You can expect beautiful scenery through rural Africa, enjoy the local people, and see the development of this community.
The day will be more than a race. There will also be family friendly festivities at the venue with various stalls and exhibitions.
Throughout the festivities there will be a time of prize giving and medals will be awarded.
See you there!!!!

FRIDAY NIGHT 19:00  Supper 20:00  Registration in Boardroom (Residents)  SATURDAY 06:30  Breakfast (Residents) 06:15 - 07:15  Registration 07:30 Race Briefing 08:00 START 13:00 Lunch 15:00 Prize Giving  
GPS Coordinates: -13.340868, 28.417967

From Luanshya - head EAST on the MPONGWE road for 23 km. You will find an FCE road sign on your left, TURN LEFT onto the dirt road & follow the signs for another 7km

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1. King's Highway Camping 

     Self-catering (Special Rate: ZMK 50/person/night) own tents
     Meals to be booked in advance on registratin form: Breakfast ZMK 50 & supper ZMK 100
Koti-ni-Eden-Campsite  MG 4421 1024 Koti-ni-Eden-Campsite  MG 4419 1024 Koti-ni-Eden-Campsite  MG 4423 1024 Koti-ni-Eden-Campsite  MG 4429 1024

2. King's Highway Guest House

     Full board - all meals included (Special Rate: ZMK 400 /person/night)

Koti-ni-Eden-Guest-House  MG 4313 1024 Koti-ni-Eden-Guest-House  MG 5539 1024 Koti-ni-Eden-Guest-House  MG 5548 1024 Koti-ni-Eden-Guest-House  MG 5533 1024

RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT and the local people of the community. You are cycling through a rural area, so be alert.
- Keep left, pass right. Make way if another contender wants to pass.
- There might be BEES in parts of the course. If you are allergic please carry medication.
- On entering this ride, we hereby indemnify the organisers, sponsors, medical supoort, Koti ni Eden Farm, Foundation for Cross-cultural Education & local people from the Masaiti Community against any claim of whatsoever nature which may arise directly or indirectly as a result of my (our) participation. I (we) also undertake to obey the commands of officials, traffic officers & will abide by the rules & regulations.


Jesus Christ making disciples through us, by building a highway of holiness through education and training.

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