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Directors Desk

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God gave FCE many landmarks and signposts through the years that formed the character of the organisation.  Through His word He printed it on our hearts to "remember the days of old, and to consider the years of many generations"  (Deut 32:7)  He urged us to "set up signposts and to make landmarks on the Highway" (Jer. 31:21) so that He can show us the way we should go.  We honour and treasure these guide posts as it reminds us that we serve a faithful God.  



Jesus Christ making disciples through us, by building a highway of holiness through education and training.

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DMT Foundation

15 January - 23 March | Wolseley, South Africa

2 April - 1 June | Wolseley, South Africa

15 January - 23 March | Kalungu, Zambia

17 January - 24 March | Florence Bay, Malawi


DMT Condensed

8 July - 24 August | Wolseley, South Africa

1 October - 10 November | Wolseley, South Africa




MTB Jubilee Race


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Prayer Calendar | November